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Full Moon

Weird things happen with cats when there’s a full moon. Click here to find why. Guess what happens to me when there’s a full moon? I become a werecat!



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Bath Poem

Bath time
Always so much fun
Tongue goes to work
Hair gets clean


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Cats Can’t Taste Sweets

Drat! That cake was looking so delicious!


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: The Super Hungry Dinosaur

4Hal is playing with his dog Billy when suddenly a super hungry dinosaur appears who wants to eat Hal’s whole family, Billy included! I’ve been hungry before, but not that hungry. See if Hal can save the day in this book by Martin Waddell.

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Plants For Cats

Grow a plant and we cats will eat it whether you like it or not, but here are some plants you can grow especially for cats. Lemongrass sounds especially interesting!


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Bench Poem

Enormous compared to me
Not really crowded right now
Can I use it as a scratching post?
Here I am under it


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