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The Meaning of Meow

Someone wrote a PhD dissertation on how well humans can understand cats’ meows. Read about Dr. Nicolas Nicastro’s findings, which compared cat owners with non-cat owners, and how we cats use different acoustical qualities in our meows. Here’s a simple tip to understanding cats: you can’t spell “meow” without “me.”


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Book Poem

By an author
On top of them I lie
Open one up
Keep learning!

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My Home

In case you don’t know, I’m the Library Cat at the Independence Public Library in Kansas. Thanks to me the library was named the 2012 Best Small Library in America! Actually, all the nice people that work here had something to do with it, too.

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I Need To Knead

Quick, give me something soft so I can knead it! Click here to find out why cats do that. What’s my favorite thing to knead? My bed, of course! Followed closely by your lap.

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Ear Mites

Julie thought I might have ear mites, but at my visit to the vet yesterday we found out it is just ear wax. The vet said ear mites look like coffee grounds. Hmmm…maybe I’ll roll around in coffee grounds and trick you into thinking I have ear mites! But then I’d have to go to the vet, and vets don’t like to be tricked. If your cat really does have ear mites, here’s what to do.

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Library Poem

Learn about things
Interesting place
Books, books, books!
Rents movies for free
A cat lives here
Red sofa on the 3rd floor
Yelling is prohibited

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Cat Vs Internet

Look at this funny comic to see what a cat will do to get you off the internet and play with him. Find out what our one surefire way is!

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Chair Poem

Filled with cat Hair
Always Inviting
Rude to wake me up

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Cat Yoga

Look at the cats in a book called Cat Yoga: Fitness and Flexibility For the Modern Feline. While my exercise consists of chasing a ball up and down the stairs, these cats are doing stuff like Tiryaka Tadasana and Arda Ushtrasana! (Note: the book is not serious – cats can’t really do yoga. I hope you realized that already.)

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