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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Vanishing Tricks

Learn how to make things vanish in this magic book by Stephanie Turnbull (j793.8 Turnbull). I can make my food vanish from my food bowl and reappear in my litter box!


1 comment April 30, 2012

Cats in Love

Try playing this Cats in Love game, where you have to remove obstacles to the two cats in love meeting. You might be wondering if I’m in love. The sad answer is no, I haven’t found Mr. Right yet. That’s why I’ve applied to go on The Bachelorette.

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Math Cats

I like math! Here’s a problem for you to solve. In one day I eat 5 times, go out for 3 hours, meow 235 times, annoy 46 people, climb 89 steps, and sleep for 16 hours. What is the square root of the total? Look at the Math Cats website for lots of fun math for kids. Be sure to look at the story problems, which were submitted by actual kids!

1 comment April 25, 2012

String Poem

So much fun
To bite.
Ready to use my
No way it
Gets away.

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Famous Trixies

Who are some other famous Trixies? There’s Trixie Norton from The Honeymooners, fictional detective Trixie Belden, and Trixie from Speed Racer. Very distinguished company!

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Computer Whiz

Between my blog, Facebook page, and filling in at the circulation desk, I spend lots and lots of time at computers! Maybe I will major in computer science when I go to college. Cats do get to go to college, right?

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: I Can Name 50 Trees Today!

You mean there are 50 different kinds of trees? To me, there’s only one important characteristic of a tree: It’s there for me to climb! I Can Name 50 Trees Today is by Bonnie Worth and you can find it in the non-fiction section with call number 582.16.

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Cats in Sinks

The Cats in Sinks website has lots of pictures of … you guessed it, cats in sinks. What is so special about sinks that we like to be in them so much? Maybe it’s because their round shape fits our bodies when we are curled up. But why sinks and not other round shapes? Like a pizza pan? Or a manhole cover? Or a crop circle?

Personally, I prefer chairs.

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