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Outside Poem

I like to go outside, so here is a poem about being outside.

Open the door!
Unlock it first
Time to play
Sneak around
In the bushes I hide
Don’t rain
Eat bugs


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Cat Paw Prints

Are cat paw prints all the same, or is each one unique like people fingerprints? This science fair project concludes that we do have unique paw prints! I wonder what mine look like?

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Pussy Willows

Why are pussy willows called that? Would you believe it comes from an old Polish legend about a willow that saved some kittens? Hey, we need a pussy willow at the library!

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Cat People Vs. Dog People

How are cat people different from dog people? (Aside from the fact that cat people are superior, of course.) Find out here. The article mentions a study that says cat people are more neurotic. That describes the library staff perfectly!

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My Sabre-Tooth

I like to imagine being a sabre-tooth tiger. (Who doesn’t?) The tiger’s sabre tooth could be more than 7 inches long! What could I do with a tooth like that? I could chomp right through even the strongest board book. I could carve a sculpture. And I could guard the library from woolly mammoths!

Can someone photoshop in some sabre-teeth for me?

1 comment June 16, 2012

Cat Treats

Click here for some cat treat recipes you can make yourself. There’s stuff like Kitty Yum Yums, Catnip Tea, and Tuna Balls. Those sound good, but what I’d really like right now is a banana split!

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Cat Font

Your computer is not complete without a cat font. Download the Bad Black Cat font, and use it instead of boring old Times New Roman for your next important report!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: 17 Things I’m Not Allowed to Do Anymore by Jenny Offill

This girl has found 17 things she can’t do anymore (like stapling her brother’s hair to the pillow). Here are 5 things I can’t do anymore:

1. Attack the mailman
2. Shred the library’s copies of Dog Fancy
3. Cancel my own fines
4. Announce the library is closing early
5. Hide in the copy machine

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