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Cat Legends

Where does the name “pussy willow” come from? Why do cat figures in Japanese gift shops have their left paw raised? And what famous religious leader loved cats? Find out at this Cat Legends website.


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Cat

Meet all different kinds of cat breeds in this interactive board book!

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Animal Speeds

Cats can run 30 mph! By contrast, snails can only go .03 mph. Click here to see how fast a variety of animals can go. Hey, snail, wanna race? Hahahahahaha…hey, wait for me!

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What are some frequently asked questions about me, Trixie the Library Cat?

1. Do I get to go anywhere I want in the library? Yes, nobody can stop me!
2. Do I have a litter pan? Yes, it’s hidden deep in the recesses of the library so you can’t smell it.
3. How did I come to the library? I crash landed here in the rocket that sent me from Catspace.
4. Do I like the stairs or elevator better? Stairs. The elevator is scary.
5. Am I a boy or a girl? Well, have you ever heard of a boy named Trixie?
6. Where am I? If you can’t find me out in the library, then I’m probably napping in my bed in the staff area.

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Mosaic Cats

Here’s an ancient mosaic of a cat discovered in Pompeii.

Look at more cat mosaics, and modern cats enjoying mosaics, here. There are a few spot left for Mr. Blinn’s Homeschool Mosaic Class starting next month, so let him know if you’re interested.

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Weird Birds

Birds are fun to eat, but even more fun to read about. Especially when they’re as weird as these birds. Can you believe there’s a bird that has nostrils at the end of its beak? Or one that eats bugs off of turtle necks? Or one that poops on enemy birds? Look for Weird Birds in the nonfiction section under 598 Bredeson.

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