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Visit Showcats, a simulation game where you can raise, show, and breed your own cats. I wonder how I would do in a cat show. Do they have a category for best jumper? Or best sleeper? How about best biter?


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Meeow and the Big Box

While I use boxes as places to sleep, Meeow is much more creative. Find out what he turns his box into in this picture book by Sebastien Braun.

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Cats and Dogs

Why do dogs chase cats and not the other way around?

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Save the Cat

Try out this game: Save the Cat. Use balloons and weights to help granny in her wheelchair float up and down to save her cat. Sounds weird but it’s fun!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Kansas City Chiefs

I was staying with Mr. Blinn when the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl. He scared me, jumping up and down like that. I understand a lot of people around here like the Chiefs. Not much to get excited about lately, huh? But if you are still a faithful fan, read The Kansas City Chiefs (j796.33 Stewart), a new book from 2009.

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Don’t ask me how I got way up here.

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Gordian Knot Solved

Today all the toys in my toy box finally got untangled. Thanks Amaris! I’ve missed this sock.

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Big Event Coming: “We the People” Bookshelf

Make plans to attend a special event at the library Thursday September 9! At 6:30, the “We the People” Bookshelf will be introduced. The bookshelf was awarded to our library (and 4,000 others around the country), and it consists of 17 books on the theme of “A More Perfect Union.” To help introduce the Bookshelf, two people almost as famous as me will be here to share their thoughts on what “A More Perfect Union” means. And they are: Mayor Tim White and State Representative Jeff King!

Then at 7:00, we get to travel back in time to Kansas in 1860 for “Mary Jane Ritchie and the Underground Railroad in Bleeding Kansas” presented by historical presenter Anne Hawkins.

What do I think about “A More Perfect Union”? Well, I like red unions better than white ones, and they are perfect on hamburgers. Wait, Mr. Blinn is telling me I’m confusing unions with onions. Well, I guess you’ll just have come to the program to find out about perfect unions.

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Cat Mummies

Did you know the ancient Egyptians made cats into mummies? That would be cool to be a mummy. I could come back to life during Neewollah and scare everybody!

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Fun Morning

I’ve been busy this morning playing with children who came to the Cat Tales program. I decided to try out this new spot in the video shelves. There’s two more Cat Tales in August, where kids can listen to a cat story, make an animal craft, and play with me.

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible Edibles

Here is another story about a restaurant in Paris for those of you who liked the movie Ratatouille. I think I am in love with Madame Pamplemousse’s cat, Catembert! You can find this book by Rupert Kingfisher in the juvenile fiction section.

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I’m Back

I’m feeling much better today! I learned an important lesson yesterday – if I don’t want to go to the vet, then I shouldn’t get sick.

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Sick Day

I’m not feeling well today. The vet said I have an infection, so I have to take some yucky medicine. I’ll be in the staff area recuperating for a while, and then I’ll be as good as new.

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I’m Not The Only Trixie

Today I found out a little girl is naming her dolls after me. Cool!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Little Mouse Gets Ready

Little Mouse is going on a trip to the barn, so he has to hurry up putting all his clothes on. Then he finds out that mice don’t wear clothes! Neither do cats, and don’t get any ideas from this website. You can find Little Mouse Gets Ready under j741.5 Smith.

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