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Clicker Training

I don’t need any training, of course (except when I stay at Miss Julie’s house), but maybe your cat does. And your dog definitely does. Maybe you should try clicker training. It’s actually very simple. You use a thingie that makes a clicking sound to tell your pet they’re doing the right thing. Then you give them a treat. I have to admit, that’s not the way things work around here at the library. I get a treat no matter how I act!


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Digital Photo Madness

Learn all sorts of neat things to do with your digital camera. There’s even a section on photographing cats and dogs. I love to have my picture taken! And I bet you love to look at pictures of me!

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Pet Love

Here are some funny ways cats and dogs show pet love. Want me to love you? Just pet me and tell me how awesome I am!

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Trixie Poem

Two green eyes
Runs through the library
I want to eat!
Xylophone? No, I don’t play it.
I want to eat!
Expert at sleeping

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Simple But Fun Cat Toys

Here are some simple toys to make for your cat, including a stringy glove, catnip thumper sock, and paper feather chaser. If you bring me a toy, I’ll try to give you something in return. Maybe I can cough up a hairball for you!

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Ball Poem

I like playing with balls! Here’s a poem:

Away it goes
Loudly rings the bell inside
Likes to be carried in my mouth!

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Jobs For Cats

I’m a library cat. But what else can a cat be? Click here to see a police cat, a railway cat, and a hotel cat. So what would I like to do if I wasn’t a library cat? Hmmm…maybe the zoo needs a cat to watch their bird area.

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Cat’s Eye Nebula

What is a cat’s eye doing floating around in space? Oh, I see. It’s the Cat’s Eye Nebula, a dying star. It sure is pretty! (But not as pretty as my green eyes!)

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Crop Circles

I keep hoping one of these will appear outside the library! Could aliens really be involved in making them? Learn all about crop circles in this book by Jan Burns (j001.94 Burns).

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