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Cats Itching

Click here to find out what the problem could be if your cat is scratching a lot. It could be something called pruritus. That sounds unpleasant!

I don’t actually have an itch. I’m just demonstrating what it looks like when a cat scratches.


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Cat Body Language

Click here to learn how cats communicate with body language. Find out how to tell if we’re sick, if we want to fight, and if we like that new cat.

Can you interpret my body language here? Am I guarding the tea and cookies for you or from you?

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Cat Kung Fu

Aha! Here’s just the thing I need to defend myself against dogs, vets, and those giant hippos that attack the library each night: Cat Kung Fu!

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Where Books Come From

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look in the library where books are processed. It’s not the neatest place in the world! But I like it because Becky is one of my very best friends and she works here!

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9 Cats in Inappropriate Places

The library provides all kinds of strange places for me to be. But none as strange as in these inappropriate places!

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Preserving Newspapers

Do you have any newspaper clippings you’d like to preserve? Find out how in this article from Your Family Legacy. Be sure to preserve the picture of me that was in the Independence Reporter back in 2010! (I think it was November 14).

I’m preserving these newspapers with my body heat.

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Cat Puns

Click here to see some funny cat puns. (Yes, there are cat puns that make you laugh and not groan.) Here’s a Trixie pun for you:

What do kids say on Halloween? Trixie or treat!

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