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Get Your Cats To Know Their Names

How can you get your cat to recognize their name? Here are some tips. Most important: give your cat a treat when she responds to her name! Just so you know, I don’t respond to “Trixie.” You must call me “Trixie, Queen of the Library.”



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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

Learn 13 things you didn’t know about cats. Stuff like: How can you make friends with an unfamiliar cat? What’s the difference between a younger cat’s purr and an older cat?

Here’s something you don’t know about me: At night I become a superhero, The Gray Avenger!


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Paper Poem

Pretty colors
Art projects to be made
Paper airplanes fly
Endless creativity
Recycle, please!


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Cat Hiccups

Did you know cats hiccup? Yep, and you can learn all about why and how here. According to the article, all warm-blooded wild animals hiccup, including skunks, otters, and porcupines. That I’d like to see. Could someone bring a hiccuping skunk to the library?


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: The Pet Dragon

35Having a pet dragon is almost as cool as having a pet cat. Lin is a girl in China who has a dragon, but it mysteriously disappears. Travel with Lin as she searches for her friend, and learn some Chinese characters along the way! The Pet Dragon is written by Christopher Niemann.

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Slam Dunking Cat

Watch this cat that can jump over 6 feet high! I could jump that high, but you’d have to give me a really strong incentive.

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Making Biscuits

When I first heard this saying that cats make biscuits, I thought it was strange. I don’t make biscuits. I don’t even like them very much. But then I found out it just means kneading. Ok, I do that a lot! Be sure to click on the link to see a video of a cat kneading a dog. That’s something I’ll never do!


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Cats in Snow

Look at these pictures of cats in snow. As much as I like to go outside, I don’t think I’ve ever been in snow. It looks like fun!

At least this printer is the same color as snow, but I don’t think it’s quite as soft.

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