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Cat Cupcakes

If you’re hungry (like I am all the time), then you should make cat cupcakes! But they’re so cute you probably can’t bear to eat them.


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Green

My eyes are green! And so is my collar. And so is grass. And so is food if it’s left out too long. And so is this book by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. It shows you how many kinds of green there are!

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Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving is almost here! What am I thankful for? My servants, the library staff. Plus my home, the Best Small Library in America 2012! And of course, my friends the loyal library patrons. And most of all – I’m thankful I’m a cat and not a dog!

Here are some pictures of cats dressed up as pilgrims for Thanksgiving. That’s cute, but kind of ordinary. I want to dress up as a squash!

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Another Famous Cat Quiz

Are you tired of cat quizzes yet? I’m not! Let your cat take this quiz to see what famous cat they’re most like. I took it and found out I’m like Hello Kitty!

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Trixie Poem

Try to catch me
Run run run
I‘m not stopping
Xiting the building
Into the neighborhood I go
Exciting adventures await

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Happy Birthday To Me!

We had my 3rd birthday party at the library on Saturday! With a big inflatable, a birthday cake, and lots of kids!

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Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Romney vs. Obama? Yawn! The real debate is who is better: cats or dogs. Find out 13 purrfect reasons why cats are better.

Reason #5: cats bathe themselves

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