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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Smiley Shark

I’m always happy, and so is Smiley Shark. But whenever he smiles the other sea creatures swim away as fast as they can. What’s wrong with having sharp teeth? Mine are pretty sharp – just ask Mr. Blinn. You can find this book by Ruth Galloway in the picture book section.


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I like to steal the show from Mr. Blinn during storytime. Be sure to come by one of our weekly storytimes for children so I can entertain you. Toddler Time is for children ages 1-2 on Tuesday mornings at 10:30. Preschool Tales is for children ages 3-5 on Wednesday mornings at 10:00. And Afternoon Delight is for children ages 3-5 on Fridays at 1:00.

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Something’s Fishy

Today a new aquarium-type thing appeared in the library, complete with characters from Finding Nemo. You’re welcome to come by and look at it, too.

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Sweet Dreams

What do cats dream about? Find out here. Do you have any guesses as to what I dream about?

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Cat Joke #3

What do you call it when a cat bites?

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Be My Friend

The Friends of the Library group helps out the library in a lot of ways. They help buy books for Mr. Blinn’s Reading Is Fundamental book distributions. They give money for programs. And they have a big book sale each fall. So Friends of the Library are my friends, too. If you’d like to be my friend, click here for a membership form.

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: The Wild Side of Pet Cats

A lion stalks its prey, and I stalk my paper ball. Pretty much the same thing, I think. Find out how we pet cats are like our wild cousins in The Wild Side of Pet Cats (j636.8 Waters).

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Mouse Shapes

One of my favorite games is to play fetch with my little mouse toy. Unfortunately it’s lost right now, so I’ll have to settle for reading some mouse books. A nice book for little kids is Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh. How can the mice scare a cat away by using an oval, two circles, and eight triangles? Well, it would take more than that to scare me – like maybe a tetradecagon.

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Hi There!

After storytime this morning my fan club came to play with me.

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Cat Joke #2

What do you call a cat who eats lemons?

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The giant space cat is about to devour a planet.

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Winter Games

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver have started! And in Helen Lester’s Tacky and the Winter Games (E Lester), Nice Icy Land’s penguins are gearing up for their winter games. I think I’ll start training for the next Winter Olympics. But what sport? I could be a beautiful figure skater. Or with my claws I could be a fearsome hockey player. Or with my speed I could be a speed skater. I know! I’ll follow the example of Henry in Mary Calhoun’s Cross Country Cat (E Calhoun) and be a cross-country skier.

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Cathedral Cats

Cats don’t just occupy libraries; we are also in even grander places like cathedrals. Read about the Salisbury Cathedral cats in England. There’s even a book called Cathedral Cats. A cathedral would certainly be a lovely place to live, but I like my library just fine!

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Nap Time

I like to sleep! And even though I have two beds in the library, I’ll still sleep anywhere. Why do cats like to sleep so much? Find out here.

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Cat Joke #1

What is a cat’s favorite color?

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