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Grass Poem

Really soft
A lot of blades
Softly I walk through it
Suddenly I run!


Add comment September 29, 2012

Trixie’s Bookshelf: Three Stories You Can Read to Your Cat

While I’m lounging around, you can come entertain me by reading me a book. Here’s a book by Sara Miller especially for reading to cats! It has stories about a rainy day, a yummy bug, and a good day. After that, can you read me the latest John Grisham book?

Add comment September 26, 2012

Box Poem

Built for cats
Open it up!
Xylophone is too big for it

Add comment September 20, 2012

Plants For Cats?

Miss Julie is a vegetarian. Maybe I will follow her example (when pigs fly!) But I’m willing to try a vegetable or two. Be careful, though – not all plants are safe for cats. Find out here what plants are toxic and non-toxic to cats. So if you were planning on feeding me a potato, sorry. But bring on the strawberries!

Add comment September 18, 2012

Cat Carrier Safety

Here is a brief article with some tips about safely transporting your kitty. Could someone transport me to a Caribbean resort?

Add comment September 11, 2012

Sara Poem

Sara is my friend!


Add comment September 6, 2012

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