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New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s Resolution is to change…nothing! Because I’m perfect just the way I am! But I’m sure you need to make some resolutions. Here are my suggestions:

Feed your cat more.
Buy more cat toys.
Buy the biggest cat tower you can find.
Give more to animal rescue organizations.
Get rid of your dog.
And of course…come to the library more!


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Callie

Oh no! A cat cuter than me! Read about Callie, the homeless and injured kitten rescued by Mia, who would love to have a pet cat. But Mia’s apartment is too small for pets. Can Callie find a home? Remember Trixie’s Rule #1 of cat books: They always have a happy ending! Look for this book by Ellen Miles in the chapter book section.

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Games Cats Like To Play

Here are some games to play with your cat, like Paw Hockey, Bathtub Scurry, and Chase the Bubbles.

My favorite game is How Fast Can I Get To The Top Of The Cat Tower!

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Keep Kitties Safe

Remember to keep your pets safe this time of year. Don’t let kitties play with small things around the house like Christmas tree decorations, ribbon and wrapping paper. Click here for a cat holiday puzzle you can do online and print out to color.

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I Spy

When you’re walking into the library, I might be spying on you from upstairs! Speaking of spies, did you know that the CIA once tried to use cat spies?

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Cat Christmas Ornaments

Christmas trees are going up, and what better way to decorate them than with cat ornaments? I love Christmas trees! They’re fun to climb, and I can bat the ornaments around. If you could find a place to fit my food bowl and litter box in the tree, then I could live here!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Chicken Butt

A boy says “chicken butt” over and over and over. My IQ actually went down from reading this. But it was fun! Chicken Butt is by Erica Perl and you can find it in the picture book section.

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