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Guard Duty

Here I am standing guard at the 1st floor circulation desk. Don’t try anything funny or I’ll eat you!


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How To Play With Your Cat

This article gives some helpful tips about playing with us kitties. Right now I don’t feel like playing, so I’ll just lie in my toy box.

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Summer Update

So far 26 children have turned in their reading logs, with a total of 372 books read! You can turn in your logs at the library any time if you can’t come to the pool party, or if you just want to get your prize bag early. Of course you can also turn in your log at the pool party July 14.

Today I’m pretending to be a craft supply.

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Water Water Everywhere!

That’s the title of the storytellng program Thursday June 24 at 2:00. Ms. Elizabeth Murray will come and share fun stories for kids in grades K-4!

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There’s plenty of puppets to play with! Just ask Mr. Blinn for a box.

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Oil Spill Birds

Even though I’m a cat, I feel sorry for all the birds that are being covered by oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Watch a video of a pelican being cleaned.

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Pet Show

Kids, bring your pet to the library Saturday June 19 at 11:00 for a show-and-tell and pet parade! All kinds of pets are welcome. Mr. Blinn told me that in the past we’ve had hamsters, hermit crabs, rabbits, and turtles in addition to cats and dogs. By the way, dogs are scared of me, even big ones.

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Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Ok, this is a weird event! But if you like spitting, this is the program for you. Come on over Thursday June 17 at 2:00 to eat, spit, and win.

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Cat Whiskers

What do we cats have all these whiskers for? They’re cute for one thing, but find out more here.

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Learn To Fish

Next Thursday at 2:00, stop by for the “Learn to Fish” program presented by the library’s very own John Long! Learn about basic fishing steps, fishing safety, and “green fishing.” I’ll admit, I’m very easy to catch with a string.

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Children’s Floor Painting

Look at this cool painting in the hall leading to the children’s floor!

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Today some little kids came by to hear some stories about boats and make a boat craft. They’re almost as cute as me! Remember that Toddler Time is each Tuesday at 10:30 through July 6.

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