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I Do

My life is completely devoid of romance, so how nice it is to see a lavish royal wedding! Best wishes to William and Kate.


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Science Experiment

Yesterday Mr. Blinn and John tried an experiment with me. They threw two balls to the top of the stairs to see which one I would pick. I ran to the top of the stairs…and came back empty-mouthed. Don’t they know I can’t count higher than one?

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I’m exploring the bookshelves in the library and thinking, “What’s so important about books?” Well, they provide a nice spot for cats to lie on when you’re trying to read them. But even more important, they expand your mind. You can learn new things, travel to new places, and see life from the perspective of different people. Ok, enough philosophy for now. I’m going to go eat.

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Bathing a Cat

Look here for lots of good tips on how to accomplish this extremely difficult task. For a less serious look, try Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty Gets a Bath. But the best way for me to be clean is licking myself for hours and hours on end.

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Cat Synonyms

What else could you call me besides “cat”? According to Roget’s Super Thesaurus, there’s feline, kitty, tomcat, pussy, grimalkin, carnivore, pet, quadruped, ratter, alley cat, tabby, and mouser. Why did they leave out “your majesty”?

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Up, Up, And Away

Wow, that looks tall. How ever will I get up?

Piece of cake!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray

My role model Bad Kitty takes on poor petsitter Uncle Murray. I’m sure Mr. Blinn knows how Uncle Murray feels. The last time I stayed at his apartment, I kept him up all night meowing! Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray by Nick Bruel is in the chapter book section.

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Summer Reading Program

The 2011 Summer Reading Program is called One World – Many Stories. Check out this cool video.

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Easter Bunnies and Cats

Click here for some very cute pictures of kitties and bunnies. Hmmm…could we get a library rabbit? Pretty please?

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A Trixie Poem

Tiny (used to be)
Really quick
Independence’s pet cat
Xterminate bugs
I love you!
Especially cute

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