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Make a Splash – Read!

While I was inside yesterday staying nice and dry, kids were enjoying the Wet and Wild Fun Party. Be sure to come by the library to sign a reading contract so you can come to the big pool party July 14!


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All Wet

The Summer Reading Program is starting! Next week is the “All Wet” program for kids ages 6-8. From Tuesday through Saturday at 2:00 come hear stories, make crafts, and play games. I’m staying dry, though!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Fat Cat

This folktale from Denmark (retold by Margaret Read MacDonald) is about a fat cat who eats everything in sight, including the washlady and her washtub, a group of soldiers and their swords, and even the king and his elephant! Delicious! Would you mind being my next meal when you come to the library?

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Summer Reading Program Is About To Start

Next Wednesday don’t lie around like me! Come to the Wet and Wild Fun Party to start off the summer reading program! You can visit a fire truck and play water games from 3:30-5:00. Also, you can sign a reading contract to be able to come to the end-of-summer pool party. Actually the party is July 14, so it’s really a middle-of-summer pool party.

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Hard Work

What have I been doing today? Basically lying around and getting mobbed by adoring fans!

First the homeschool group came, and then 6th graders from Zion and St. Andrew’s were here for the last Reading Is Fundamental book distribution.

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My Favorite Game

My most favorite game in the world is when Mr. Blinn throws something up the stairs and I go fetch it!

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Unusual Visitor

What’s this? I can’t believe it! We had a special visitor in the library this morning and I wasn’t there to eat…I mean greet him. Somehow a bird found its way into the children’s floor. He stayed for a while until Mr. Blinn, John, Tony, and Darnell escorted him out. Come back soon for dinner!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Chester

What happened when poor Melanie Watt tried to write a story about a mouse? Why, her cat Chester interfered and made the story about him! Good for you Chester! By the way, somebody should write a book with me as the star.

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Drop Box

What’s a drop box doing inside the library? Oh yeah, this is our old one. We have two new ones by the front entrance. You can even return your dvd’s there!

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Fans Needed

It’s getting hot! The Children’s Library needs more fans – Facebook fans, that is. Click here to go to the page and see lots of pictures from our programs.

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PBS Workshop Update

The Ready to Learn workshop that was supposed to be on May 6 has been rescheduled for Thursday May 13 from 6:00-8:00. Parents, teachers, and child care providers: please come and learn about the Library Corner and how to use PBS kids tv programs to help children’ reading skills!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Is Your Mama a Llama?

Mother’s Day is here, which is always a good time to find out what everybody else’s mama is! Is your mama a llama? Mine isn’t. She’s a person named Miss Julie, and she takes such good care of me on the weekends!

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I got my old collar off and hid it where nobody would ever find it. But now they got me a new one! I don’t understand. How many collars can there be in the world???

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Good Little Helper

Today I am helping Mr. Blinn by knocking pens off the desk, chewing on papers, and biting his chair. But Mr. Blinn doesn’t seem to think that is helpful. Well, at least I can watch the printer to make sure it’s working right!

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