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Name That Cat

Looking for a Great Cat Name? Click here for a list, which also includes cat owners’ stories about why they chose that name!


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: The House of a Million Pets

Ann has three guinea pigs, a cage full of birds, a big rabbit, a prairie dog, two little rabbits, a hamster, and 26 mice. And that’s just in the basement! This animal-filled chapter book is by Ann Hodgman. If it gets too crowded there’s plenty of room in the library!

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I like to stretch! If you want to stretch too, click here for lots of exercises.

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I’m Back

I was sick last week, so I couldn’t be at the library. But I’m back now and ready to be petted and loved and played with! Click here for lots of helpful information on how to tell if your cat is sick.

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