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Sleep Poem

I’ve written enough poems about me, so now I’ll write one about one of my favorite things: sleep!

Sleepy cat
Lies in bed
Eyes are closing
Pats from library staff


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Penguin by Polly Dunbar

Ben opens up his present to find a toy penguin. But the penguin doesn’t talk or do much of anything. Only when Ben is eaten by a lion does the penguin spring into action and save his owner. I’d like to think my toys would do the same for me, but somehow I doubt it.

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Cat Board Games

I’m bored. Can you come play a game with me? Maybe a cat board game, like Crazy Cat Lady. Or Cat-Opoly. How about The Cat’s Pajamas? And if you’re coming from England, bring Cat Attack.

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Trixie Song

Here’s a fun song to sing!

There was a library had a cat,
And Trixie was her name-e.
And Trixie was her name-e!

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Gourmet Cat Food

Try this gourmet cat food recipe. All you need is a can of salmon, pasta, mixed vegetables, and a blender. I don’t know about the blender, but the rest of the ingredients sound delicious!

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Yet Another Trixie Poem

Totally cool
Runs fast
I want to eat
Xceptionally bright
I can’t think of anything to put here
Eternal optimist

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Cat Senses

Click here for some fascinating facts about cats’ senses. Did you know that since we’re farsighted we can’t actually see the food in the food bowl while we’re eating? We use our whiskers and sense of smell to know where the food is.

Let’s test my vision. I think the object in front of me is a … hippopotamus?

1 comment January 4, 2012

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