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Funny Game

I like to knock my toys under furniture, and then Mr. Blinn has to get them out for me. Hehe!


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Cat Food

Now you can see why we cats like to eat so much!

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Easter Egg Hunt

This Saturday we’ll have an Easter egg hunt for kids up to age 9 at 11:00. Come to the 3rd floor for a storytime, then hunt for eggs, and we”ll finish up with an Easter bunny video. Can someone help me open this egg?

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Bulletin Board

Mr. Blinn didn’t do a good enough job with my bulletin board, so I’m going to fix it.

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: My Librarian Is A Camel

The librarians here are nice, but I would love to hang out with a camel! This book tells how books are brought to people in remote areas of other countries. You can find it in the non-fiction section under j027.4 Ruurs.

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Cat Joke #5

What is a cat’s favorite car?

1 comment March 24, 2010

Library Closed

The library is going to be closed this Thursday and Friday. They say it’s for staff development, but I think they really want to play with me all day.

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Understanding Cats

Look here for information on why we cats do certain things, like lick ourselves, knock things over, and meow. Now, is there a website so that cats can understand humans? Actually, the only thing we need to understand is that you are easily controlled!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Lara Ladybug

I saw a ladybug in the library today. It’s much too cute to eat. Well, that’s what Mr. Blinn thinks, anyway. So I’ll just settle for reading about a ladybug in Lara Ladybug. Can you help her find her missing spot? This book by Christine Florie is in the easy reader section.

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Tiny Cat

Look how small I used to be! These pictures were taken last October 31, a few days after I arrived at the library.

1 comment March 17, 2010

Help Animals

I was skinny and starving when I was abandoned at the library. But now I have a nice home with lots of comfortable furniture to sleep on. Other animals aren’t so fortunate. Please consider supporting the work of the Humane Society.

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Giant Meatball

I like to eat, but do you think this meatball would be too much for even me? You can find this book in the picture book section, and it’s by Robert Weinstock.

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Cat Coloring Pages

You can find lots of them here. And there’s lots of other stuff on the site to color, if for some strange reason you are tired of coloring cats.

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Come Follow Me

Bookshelves in a library are fun places to explore!

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Where In The World Are Cats?

What countries have the most cats? According to this site, it’s the USA, China, Russia, Brazil, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Japan, and Germany.

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