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Geek The Library

The library is here to help you geek lots of things. (Visit if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) What do I geek?

Rice farming
Edgar Allan Poe
The French Revolution
Tap dancing
The moons of Jupiter

All because of books I read in the library!


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Obedient Cats?

Cats can train humans to be obedient. I have a whole library staff obedient to me. Miss Julie only thinks she’s the library director! But can humans train cats? It’s difficult, but not impossible. Click here for help.

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Tomorrow is the library’s Sunflowers & Stories festival. Interested in knowing more about sunflowers and how to grow them? Click here!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Dracula’s Cat

I don’t think this is a job I would want, but YMMV. Look for this book by Jan Wahl in the picture book section.

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Kitty, Kitty

The Canton, MI Public Library has a list of poems and fingerplays great to use with little children, including:

“Kitty, Kitty”
I have a little kitty,
He is as quick as he can be.
He jumps upon my lap,
And purrs a song to me.

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Famous Cats

Here is a list of famous cats, real and fictional. How come I’m not on the list? After all, I’m the most famous cat that lives in the Independence Public Library!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: How To Talk To Your Cat

What do my meows and purrs mean? How do I talk with my whiskers, legs, and tail? And how do you get me away when I’m lying on your book? Jean Craighead George has deciphered the mysteries of cat communication in How To Talk To Your Cat (j636.8 George).

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Cat Scratch Fever

Click here for some great advice about cat scratching and also why not to declaw cats. I’m glad I still have my claws – how else could I scare away the evil fairies that try to invade the library every night?

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