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Cats and Fish

Here’s a mystery: Why do cats like fish? Fish live in the water, and we hate water. You’d never see a cat jumping into a lake to catch a fish. So how did we develop a taste for fish?


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Here is a video of the Missouri Humane Society’s work in Joplin.

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World Lightweight Champion

You know what my favorite sport is? Boxing! I can jump in boxes, lie in boxes, chew on boxes, bat box lids, sleep in boxes, jump out of boxes, and even tip boxes over. No box can defeat me!

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Cats Help Blind Children!

Take a look at the Cats in the Stacks blog by the librarian at the Arkansas School for the Blind. Their library is home to several library cats!

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Favorite Spots

Where are my favorite spots in the library?
1. My bed
2. My food bowl
3. Anywhere there is someone who wants to cuddle me!

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Summer Reading Kickoff

Make plans to be at the library for the Summer Reading Program kickoff Friday May 27 at 1:00. Ventriloquist Kevin Horner will be here with his friends Claude-Zilla the space dragon, Twinkie the rabbit, Roy D. Rooster, and Coconuts the gorilla. I don’t think I could be a good ventriloquist, since I only know how to say one word – meow.

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Cute Things

Is there anything in the world cuter than me? Maybe a few things, which you can find at the Cute Overload website.

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Cat Island

Did you know there is an island in Japan that is covered with cats? Tashirojima, nicknamed “Cat Island,” has only 100 people but lots and lots of stray cats. In case you’re wondering, the island and cats made it through the tsunami.

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Frankly, Frannie

Frannie can’t wait to be grown up and have a job. She’s even got a resume and business cards ready. But what happens when she decides to host her own show when the class takes a field trip to a radio station? Look for Frankly, Frannie by AJ Stern in the juvenile fiction section. Wow, I’m only one and I have the best job in the world…being a library cat!

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Time Travel

Where would I go if I had a time machine? Why, ancient Egypt of course. People there loved cats! In fact, if a person’s cat died, the person would shave off their eyebrows in mourning. The only problem with ancient Egypt is that they had a lot of pyramid schemes.

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