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Christmas Tree Poem

Really pretty
Evergreen (especially if it’s artificial)
Empty of ornaments when I’m done with it



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Cat Ornament

No Christmas tree is complete without a cat ornament (and a real cat, too). Try being creative and make your very own cat ornament!


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Cat’s Eye

Looking for something scary to watch? How about Cat’s Eye, based on some Stephen King short stories. The movie a trilogy of horror stories connected by a cat (of course).

Here are some reviews:
“The three stories just don’t connect and efforts to join them never work.”
“You would think they could have gotten at least ONE story right.”
“The film seems like a throwback not to old horror comics but to bad syndicated TV horror.”

Actually, there are a lot of good reviews, but they’re not as interesting.


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Stair Poem

Silly things I can do there
Takes me up and down
A place to rest, too
I hope I don’t fall
Running on them is prohibited (for people, not cats)


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