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My Favorite Things, Part 5

I like string! Well, to you it looks like string, but to me it’s a worm, a strand of DNA, or a hair from the tail of a lost unicorn. I can use my imagination!


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My Favorite Things, Part 4

My bed! It’s soft and cozy and warm and comfortable and fluffy and soothing and … zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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My Favorite Things, Part 3

I like to sit on this perch at the circulation desk and survey the whole first floor. Nothing escapes my attention. Hey you over there…shhhh!

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My Favorite Things, Part 2

I love my cat tower! It’s even higher than Mount Everest, I think.

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My Favorite Things, Part 1

There’s lots of places and things I like in the library! So I’ll give you a little tour. We’ll start with this amazing blue bag. Just put in a toy and watch me zoom in. It works like a charm!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Pet Crafts

I like to get lots of toys and stuff! Make some for me and your pets with ideas from Pet Crafts (j745.5 Boyd). A springy snake sprinkled with catnip sounds fun! And you can dress up your dog as a cowboy.

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Cat Furniture

Click here for cat furniture you can build yourself. I like furniture! (Especially furniture you’re about to sit in.)

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