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Christmas Tree

Here I am hiding under the library’s Christmas tree. It’s fun to climb, too! Assuming I don’t knock it over first, you can see it light up at the Holiday Festival Thursday from 6:00-8:00.


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Drawing Cats

Cats are fun to draw. (But it’s even more fun to be one!) Try this tutorial to become an expert cat artist. Then draw a picture of me. Here’s me modeling for you.

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Hi Phil

This philodendron needs some pruning. Fortunately, I have just the tool needed…my teeth. On second thought, that thing might attack me.

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Behind Bars

Help! The police think I’m one of Al Cat-pone’s gangsters. Can you come visit me? Or better yet, bust me out of here?

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: The Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County

A girl likes chasing chickens on her farm. That sounds like a fun sport! But she can never catch Miss Hen. I bet I could. And when I catch Miss Hen, I’d eat…lots of cornbread with her! (You didn’t think I’d really eat up Miss Hen, did you?) Look for this book with cool collage illustrations by Janice Harrington in the picture book section.

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Lookee Here

Did you see the picture of me in Sunday’s newspaper?

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Cat Luxury Hotel

Not that there’s anything wrong with lounging around on the craft table in the warm sun, but this cat luxury hotel looks awfully nice!

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Come and sign my giant birthday card. I’ve been here at the library one year now!

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Harry Potter Club

There’s a new Harry Potter movie coming out next week, so the library is having a 4 week Harry Potter Club each Tuesday at 4:00 from Nov. 16 through Dec. 7. There will be quizzes, crafts, snacks, and games.

I don’t have a magic wand, but my magic string works just fine!

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: A Backyard Flower Garden For Kids

Living in the library is nice, but it would be great to have a garden with lots of flowers to frolic in…and eat. If you want to make your own backyard garden, look at A Backyard Flower Garden For Kids (j635.9 Leavitt). Then invite me over so I can mess it all up!

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My Birthday Party

It’s a little late (my birthday here at the library is actually Oct. 28), but kids are invited to my first birthday party this Saturday Nov. 13 at 11:00. Kids can sign a huge birthday card for me and write messages on the windows with window markers, plus make some new toys for me and eat tuna sandwiches and goldfish. And of course I’ll be around so everybody can fawn over me!

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Cat In A Box

If you can’t get enough pictures of cats in boxes, try the Cat In A Box website.

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Look At All These Books

Book sale today!!! What could be more exciting than getting cheap children’s books? Maybe biting people who try to buy the books.

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Big Book Sale

Tomorrow only (Saturday)!!! Come buy all the children’s books and videos we’ve taken out of the collection for $1 each! The sale is from 10:00-4:00. All proceeds will pay for the new Ferrari I want. Oh..Mr. Blinn says that proceeds will pay for new children’s books. Oh well, I guess that’s almost as good a cause.

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My Very Own Toy-Makers

Right now some girls are making some new toys for me. I can’t wait! Thanks Abby, Jasmine, Ariel, and Christy.

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