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Trixie’s Bookshelf: The Christmas Day Kitten

I came to the library as a Neewollah kitten. Here’s the story of another holiday kitten that shows you of the joy of the miracle of birth. Look for this beautiful story by James Herriot in the picture book section.


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My Christmas Plans

Merry Christmas everybody!!! I will be busy Christmas Eve – Rudolph is sick so I will be filling in as Trixie the pink-nosed reindeer-cat.

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Christmas List

Visit the North Pole and write Santa Claus a letter!

Here’s my Christmas list:
New toys
New string
Lots of food
New bed
Lots of catnip
A dog to kick around
MP3 player
New TV

On second thought, what I really want for Christmas is for all the cats and dogs in the world to have loving homes!

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Cat TV

This isn’t exactly The Sopranos, but I guess it’ll do for some quick entertainment.

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Starting in January, there will be three weekly children’s storytimes.

Munchkin Kids: for children up to age 5 Wednesdays at 10:00.
Kindergarten Kids: for kindergartners Fridays at 4:00.
Twilight Tales: for children up to age 8 Thursdays at 6:00.

Don’t be surprised if I stop by!

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I’m tired of speaking English. I want to speak Cat. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. There, I feel better now.

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Let’s Make A Deal

Did you know kids can pay down their fines by reading? That seems like a good deal – you keep your money and increase your brain power at the same time. I have a short attention span, so I stick to reading short books.

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Cat IQ

How smart is your cat? Probably not as smart as me, since I live in a library, read lots of books, and have my own blog. But you can find out for sure with the Cat Intelligence Quiz and the Cat Eye-Q test.

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The Maltese Cat

The short story The Maltese Cat is actually not about a cat but about a polo horse named The Maltese Cat. Don’t be too disappointed though – it’s a classic story by Rudyard Kipling.

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Harriet The Spy

Harriet writes mean things about people in her notebook. Of course, she loses her notebook and everyone finds out what Harriet thinks about them. That would never happen to me, because I only think nice things about people. (Even you, John!). This classic children’s novel is by Louise Fitzhugh.

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My Poem

I’m a cat.
Not a rat (thankfully).
I walk on a mat.
I jump in a vat.
Don’t call me fat,
But give me a pat.
I chase a gnat.
I hide in a hat.
I soar like a bat.
I fall and go “splat.”
The spot where I sat,
Is now very flat.
How about that!

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Cats Are Beautiful

Mr. Blinn says that every cat is a work of art. Of course I am a masterpiece! How do we cats get to be so beautiful? It’s actually not art – it’s science. You can find out more about cat colors and patterns here.

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Trixie’s Bookshelf: Michael Phelps

What do me and Michael Phelps have in common? We both get in and out of water in record speed! In addition to Michael, we have new biographies on Daniel Radcliffe, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, and America Ferrera.

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More To Come

The Holiday Festival was last night, but there are more Christmas programs for children coming up. The Polar Express Pajama Party is Thursday Dec. 16 at 5:30, and Christmas Bingo is Wednesday Dec. 22 at 3:30. What do I want for Christmas? Lots of catnip would be nice!

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Cat Scan

Mr. Blinn said that he had a kidney stone yesterday morning and the hospital did a cat scan on him. I didn’t know cats could do that! I want to learn how!

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