Trixie Poem

Totally cool
Racing around the library
Impressive physique
Xtra sharp claws
Inspecting coats
Entertaining you



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Cat Got Your Tongue

Where did the phrase “cat got your tongue” come from? Find out here. Have you lost your tongue? Chances are, I do have it. Just come by the library to pick it up.


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10 Weird Cat Behaviors

Click here to fond out why cats do things like head butt, drink from faucets, and lick you. What’s the weirdest thing I do? For some reason I like to attack the staircase.


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Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

It’s true!


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Leaf Poem

Eat it up
All for me
Full of flavor


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Hedgehog Kittens

This is a little strange, but cute at the same time. A mama cat has adopted some hedgehogs! If I was a mama cat, I’d just stick with kittens. Hedgehogs are too prickly for me!


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: The Night at the Museum

40The dinosaur skeletons at the Museum of Natural History have wandered off! Nights at this museum are almost as interesting as nights here at the library. All the books come to life and I have to keep them in place. If you’re looking for a book that’s not on the shelf even though the computer says it’s in, it probably escaped when I wasn’t looking.

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Gorgeous Cats

There are lots of beautiful cats in the world, besides yours truly. Check out the Gorgeous Cats blog for 84 pages worth of pictures!


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Cat Tower Poem

Whoa! Don’t fall
Exciting to climb
Rest and relaxation


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Get Your Cats To Know Their Names

How can you get your cat to recognize their name? Here are some tips. Most important: give your cat a treat when she responds to her name! Just so you know, I don’t respond to “Trixie.” You must call me “Trixie, Queen of the Library.”


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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

Learn 13 things you didn’t know about cats. Stuff like: How can you make friends with an unfamiliar cat? What’s the difference between a younger cat’s purr and an older cat?

Here’s something you don’t know about me: At night I become a superhero, The Gray Avenger!


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Paper Poem

Pretty colors
Art projects to be made
Paper airplanes fly
Endless creativity
Recycle, please!


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Cat Hiccups

Did you know cats hiccup? Yep, and you can learn all about why and how here. According to the article, all warm-blooded wild animals hiccup, including skunks, otters, and porcupines. That I’d like to see. Could someone bring a hiccuping skunk to the library?


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Trixie’s Bookshelf: The Pet Dragon

35Having a pet dragon is almost as cool as having a pet cat. Lin is a girl in China who has a dragon, but it mysteriously disappears. Travel with Lin as she searches for her friend, and learn some Chinese characters along the way! The Pet Dragon is written by Christopher Niemann.

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Slam Dunking Cat

Watch this cat that can jump over 6 feet high! I could jump that high, but you’d have to give me a really strong incentive.

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